Printer Compatibility

Quality matters
To ensure that the best print quality is achieved when using Baermann Magnetics Inc. flexible magnets, it is important that the right ink is selected for use with an appropriate printer within the printing system. It is also important that the printing operator measures the surface energy (dyne level) of the material so that the best ink adhesion to the substrate is achieved.


Protective Coatings

Baermann Magnetics Inc. has no control over the manufacturing processes for the various chemicals and inks. In specific cases, a protective coating should be applied to prevent the ink from cracking or flaking, especially during the conversion process. Please check with your machine or ink supplier for recommendations should you have any concerns.



These recommendations are based upon the best to our knowledge, however, there are many different types of consumer and professional printers on the market, each with their own mechanical and technical setup. BMI does not explicitly guarantee, verbally, or in writing, that these recommendations are substantiated, and it is recommended that a test for suitability and ink adhesion be carried out prior to printing.

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