A mishap lead...

...to the invention of plastic-bonded permanent magnets in 1934 by the German inventor Max Baermann, co-founder of BAERMANN MAGNETICS, INC.

This revolutionary new type of permanent magnets together with hundreds of subsequent patents established an entire new world of magnetic applications.

One of these pioneering and revolutionizing new ideas came with the invention of the first flexible plastic-bonded permanent magnet, which eventually led to United States patent (No. 2,959,832) for the magnetic refrigerator gasket in 1957.

In a letter dated back in December 6th, 1977 the White House in Washington D.C. acknowledged this outstanding invention, which “undoubtedly resulted in saving many lives.”

Based on the pioneering breakthrough in the magnetic world, birth was given to a multitude of possible applications including the first flexible permanent magnetic foil.

Max Baermann and his son, Horst M. Baermann, founded BAERMANN MAGNETICS, INC. in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in order to better serve customers in North America.

Since the early years, BAERMANN MAGNETICS INC. introduced a variety of permanent magnetic products to the market and also successfully established popular trademarks such as BIOflex® and VITAflex® in numerous countries to develop and introduce innovative magnetic products and solutions for our customers in North America.