Plain Brown, Flexible Permanent Magnet

Product__0000_PermaMag 518.png
  • Plain brown, flexible permanent magnet, available in various thicknesses, widths and roll lengths.
  • Strong magnetic adhesive force.
  • Can be cut and punched with ease.
  • Available in custom sheet sizes and strips.
  • Upon request, specialty self-adhesive backing and/or lamination is available.
Item Number Description Thickness (Inches) Width (Inches) Length (Feet) Magnetic Adhesive Strength (N / in2)
20444PermaMag 518 Roll - Plain Brown0.020"24.375"50'1,18
20454PermaMag 518 Roll - Plain Brown0.030"24.375"50'2,05
20642PermaMag 518 Roll - Plain Brown0.020"40"25'1,18
20656PermaMag 518 Roll - Plain Brown0.030"40"25'2,05

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