Flexible Ferrous Rolls, Sheets and Strips

Come with a matte white PVC lamination on one side for easy printing

FerroMag is a printable ferrous sheet that can be used on non-magnetizable surfaces as a magnetic receptive base for magnets and printed magnetic graphics, allowing the user to change the message or image simply and easily.

  • Made from plastic bonded ferrite powders.
  • Easily cut using scissors, guillotine cutters, or mechanical punches.
  • Featuring a print receptive matt white vinyl coating.
  • The self-adhesive coating on the reverse side possible.
  • Available in rolls of various thicknesses, widths, and lengths.
  • Upon request, FerroMag™ is available in custom cuts and sizes.
Item Number Description Thickness (Inches) Width (Inches) Length (Feet)
64422FerroMag Non-Magnetic Matt White Roll, Ferrous Sheet0.012"24.375"25'
64722FerroMag Non-Magnetic Matt White Roll, Ferrous Sheet0.012"48"25'
64442FerroMag Non-Magnetic Matt White Roll, Ferrous Sheet0.02"24.375"25'
64742FerroMag Non-Magnetic Matt White Roll, Ferrous Sheet0.02"48"25'

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